Your Feet

So you are planning a visit to the corn maze, what to wear, what to wear.  The first thing to keep in mind, you will be walking on "Farm Land".  What does this mean?  Well, you will be walking on DIRT, possibly mud, on grass, and of course...corn.  There will be holes in the ground that the groundhogs and skunks have dug too.  (We can't get these furry little creatures to stop digging!)  So, what kind of shoes to wear, sneakers or something old would be great.   We do NOT recommend flip flops or high heels.  And yes, we have had several people come to the maze in high heels. Unfortunately, they weren't informed that we don't have "Fashion Week" at the maze.   

If you plan on coming at night time, plan to wear a light to a medium weight jacket.  When the sun goes down, it does tend to get a little chilly.  Always check the weather before coming up.  And remember, the weather is always different in Statesville than whereever you are traveling from.